Our latest bug fixes 🪲✅
Our product team have fixed the following bugs!
  1. The chatbot did not respond to text when it was directly added to an attachment in WhatsApp. We have fixed the problem. You can now add text to an attachment (like a picture) in WhatsApp and it is picked up and responded to by the chatbot. 🤖
  2. The AI did not always respond well once an emoji was used in the question. We have fixed the problem and the AI will answer the question correctly. 🙂
Potential fix for delay ⏰
Potential fix for the delay in the conversational overview. ⏰
After recently reported issues, we noticed that the emoji picker causes a delay in picking up the conversations. Therefore we currently removed the emoji picker from the conversation overview. 🧐
We will ensure that emoticons are visible again in the correct way as soon as possible. As soon as the emoji's have been added again, we will notify you. We don't know yet how long this will take. In the meantime we will research this issue.
Count problems are resolved and Out of Office update
Important issue is resolved 🐞
Good news! We've solved the issue where the count in the platform at the filters showed the wrong numbers, All conversations, My Conversations and Unassigned are now displayed correct. The next phase in fixing this issue is making sure the count will always show, which we will be starting on from today onwards.
A long awaited update in our out of office is finally released 🎉
Customers will only receive two out-of-office messages, instead of an out-of-office message for each new message from the customer.
We've fixed a bug 🪲 and made some improvements to the chat widget settings page 💪🏻
Our developers worked hard and fixed a bug regarding the suggestion bot 🐞
  • The suggestion bot didn’t always show any suggestion in conversations. This bug is now fixed and the suggestion are now shown properly.
We've also made some improvements to the chat widget settings page
  • We've changed the styling so it's more in line with the rest of the platform's UI and UX
  • An error message will be visible as soon as you lose connection ⛔️
  • A pop-up will be visible when you delete your website widget
  • You get a warning if the name of your new website widget is already in use ⚠
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The following bugs have been solved 🎉
The following bugs have been solved by our devs 👨‍💻
  • We have fixed an issue when making an export, the date and time are now shown correctly again ⏱
  • We’ve also fixed an issue where you were stuck in the loading screen after registration, this does not happen anymore
  • Lastly, we have fixed the fact that the archive button was no longer visible in the dashboard after closing a conversation. 🛠
No more multiple notifications ✅
We've fixed a bug where you would receive multiple mail notifications when a conversation was forwarded from the chatbot to an agent or team. 🎉
Instagram stories fix! 🛠
The AI will no longer trigger on a emoticon 😀 on Instagram stories. The AI will only responds to questions!
We fixed a bug in our test environment! 🎉
The test environment could get stuck during the testing of your conversations 💬, this bug is now fixed and the environment works properly again!
New chatbot setup page  🤖
It’s now even easier to create your very own chatbot! With our newly redesigned chatbot setup, you can get started in three easy steps:
  1. Create a personality by giving your new chatbot a name and a face. 😀
  2. Give your chatbot an audience and select where your chatbot will be active.
  3. Start building your new digital assistant! 🎉
New home screen and trial dashboard 🎉
We created a new home screen for our platform!
After you log into the platform of Watermelon, you will be forwarded to our new home screen. In this screen, you can see your current conversations this month, and the total of conversations you had last month.
You will also see a brand new checklist, if you haven't created your chatbot yet, follow the simple 7 steps to create your very first chatbot and make the most out of it. After finishing one of the steps the checkmark will be filled in, to show your progress. ✅
For 14-day trial users the dashboard will also feature a progress bar to see how far you are in your trial and how many days you have left.
New home screen
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